December 3, 2008

From S. Africa: The best invention ever!

GPS is the best invention ever! What a fabulous tool for travelers. We're traveling all over South Africa with our handy guide calling out directions. And if we make a wrong turn she recalculates and redirects us. Truly a phenomenal thing!
We drove from Hermanus to Cape Town today and along the highway, at the side of the road, we saw a family of monkeys. It was amazing. We're staying in the most gorgeous guest house here called the Trevoyan which is spectacular and costs $120 per night. Everything is very economical here. Food and drink are incredibly cheap. Last night we had an elegant meal in a lovely restaurant called Season in Hermanus - a cocktail for me (double vodka for $2.40 U.S.), wine for Claire, a shared appetizer, two entrees, a shared dessert and an Irish coffee, all for $36 U.S., including tip. Not per person, but all together. And the food was delicious. People should be aware of how economical it is to vacation here. It more than makes up for the cost of the flight.
This is an amazing adventure. A trip of a lifetime, really.
More later. Stay tuned!

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Mikki Williams, CSP said...

I'm lovin' the updates and so happy you are having such a marvelous time...because you are "mahvelous dahlink"