April 26, 2015

Movie Review: The Age of Adeline **

The Age of Adeline begins with a voice-over giving us a pseudo-scientific explanation for why Adeline hasn't aged in 80 years. The explanation is laughable, but all during this this time we are watching Blake Lively on screen and she is luminous (I mean, really...LOOK AT HER) so you think, "Okay, I can buy this - it's a fairy tale." And it would be great if you only had to watch the lovely Ms. Lively, but you also have to listen to her breathy voice and watch her lack of emotion/personality.
Yes, she's beautiful, but at some point you want more than that, and her haughtiness and superior attitude wears thin.
And how did she afford that apartment on the salary of a librarian? Oh, wait...there's a scene from many years earlier where she buys Xerox stock before it's Xerox.
And the dialogue...oh my god.
"Tell me something I can hold on to and never let go," she tells her love interest.
"Let go," he says.
Harrison Ford's character tells his son the reason she left him: "She's not capable of ...change," and then the music swells dramatically.
Good performances by Ford and Ellen Burstyn, and especially Michiel Huisman, who plays the love interest. He's really cute...AND has personality. But what does he see in her? Well, she wears spiffy clothes and has great hair. Too bad there's no chemistry between them.
Some people clapped when it ended but I wasn't sure if it was because they really liked it or because they were glad it was over.
Two out of five stars for The Age of Adeline.

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Thomas Watson said...

The plot bears so close a family resemblance to cerebral heavy weights like Benjamin Button and A.I.