April 24, 2015

Can't Cook? Yes...You Can, I Promise!

If you think you can't cook I've got great news: YOU CAN!
Don't even think of this as cooking - it's just throwing things in a slow-cooker. Only three ingredients (THREE!) and you can make a rock-star meal.
If you don't have a slow-cooker get one now. It's the only kitchen gadget you need.
This is the one I have: Best $60 you'll ever spend (I'm not getting commission on this, although I should). You can even find one cheaper on eBay.
And Hamilton Beach is awesome - I had mine for 6 or 7 years and it was doing something funky...I can't even remember what, but I called HB to see what to do and they just sent me a new one, no questions asked. Free.
Anyway, back to your rock-star meal:
Here's what a pork butt looks
like - not mine, cuz I forgot to
take a 'before' picture - but close
Get a 3 lb. (more or less - more is always better) pork butt. If you don't know what that is, just go to the store, go to the meat counter and ask the meat counter person. I got one yesterday on sale for $1.69 a pound. I know...crazy cheap, right?
Then go to the spice aisle and pick up some kind of rub. Yes, it'll just say 'rub' on it and it has a combination of yummy spices in it (or you can make your own - here's a link to how to do that). And then get a bottle of Sweet Baby Ray's Honey Barbecue Sauce, or any other barbeque sauce that you like (there's no such thing as bad barbeque sauce).
Then, when you get home, sprinkle that rub all over that pork butt, on all sides, and rub it in (it is a rub, after all) and then plop that big hunk of meat into your slow cooker.
Then pour most of that bottle of Sweet Baby Ray's in the bottom of the pot all around the pork. Then put on the lid (this has taken you about three minutes), set it on high for 4 hours and go watch a few episodes of Game of Thrones, and in about 3 hours your house will smell like a Texas barbecue.
When you smell that, walk to the slow-cooker (you will be salivating, but that's okay), and turn the meat over so it gets that barbecue goodness all over it. It's going to fall apart when you try to do that but that's okay. That's the point.
You don't have to let it go another hour, and you may not be able to, but the longer it cooks the better it gets.
After 4 hours, take the lid off and pull the butt apart, which means get some tongs and touch it - it will melt like butter into pieces. And then just stick your fork in there and eat. Or get a plate.
Oh. My. God.
You're welcome.

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