October 12, 2014

Movie Review: Gone Girl *

Gone Girl, the movie that wouldn't be gone. When I thought it was going to end it just kept going, and getting more and more far-fetched. And when I thought, "Ah, finally...here's the ending...," nope, not a chance. Just cut to a new scene to annoy me even more.
Two and a half hours is a little too long for even a good movie but for a bad one it's an eternity.
The screenplay closely follows the book (it's written by Gillian Flynn, the author of the book) and that, for me, is unfortunate. Like the book it started out really engaging and then it degenerated into something so preposterous that people were actually laughing.
It's very melodramatic, particularly Rosamond Pike's performance. I didn't buy her character at all.
Ben Affleck, on the other hand, plays his character with just the right amount of authenticity and subtlety. I liked his character better in the movie than in the book, so the one star I'm giving this film is for his performance.
If you loved the book you'll love the movie. If you didn't, you won't.
One out of five stars for Gone Girl.

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Thomas Watson said...

I really liked "Gone Girl." The twist caught me by surprise, mostly because I hadn't paid much attention to the hype for the movie.