October 3, 2014

Concert Review: Fleetwood Mac

I think Fleetwood Mac had more fun last night than we did, and that's going some because they were glorious and the audience was wildly appreciative. Most everyone stood throughout the entire concert and that's saying a lot for a whole bunch of mostly old folks.
Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, Lindsay Buckingham, Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie were together for the first time in 16 years, and they were all in fine form and voice. Maybe their voices aren't as rich as they once were, and maybe their range is not quite so wide, but I don't think anyone felt cheated. Buckingham was tirelessly crazy; running around the stage like a 20-year-old, playing a ferocious guitar while skipping, singing, taking a turn on Mick's cymbals.
Stevie's spins weren't as fervent as they once were (you don't want to break a hip, after all) but the audience loved what she gave us.

They changed the arrangement a bit on You Make Loving Fun, one of the first songs, to accommodate her more limited range, but I didn't notice it so much on subsequent songs, so maybe she was just warming up. And her voice isn't as pure as it once was but whatever, Stevie was Stevie and we got what we came to see. She was beautiful and magical.
It felt like they didn't want to leave the stage. The concert ended, then the cell phones came out (remember when they were lighters?), then they came back and played a couple more numbers, then left again. Then one of them came out and talked a little, then they brought out a baby grand and Christine sang Songbird, lovely and quiet with only Lindsay for accompaniment, then Mick brought out two little girls who you were sure were his grandkids and he introduced them as his daughters! Who knew?
Then they were done.
We weren't.
Five out of five stars for Fleetwood Mac.

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