October 20, 2013

Movie Review: Gravity ****1/2

Gravity is not just a film, it's an experience. I watched with a hand to my mouth for most of the film, and while it's not exactly believable it's not unbelievable either. But it doesn't matter either way, it's a story that will grab you.
Gravity is a survival story, a story about fighting against dire circumstances, and how one finds the resources to endure. The characters are likable and vulnerable, and Clooney and Bullock play their roles with charm and magnetism. It's hard to extract Sandra Bullock from any character she plays - her personality is always front and center for me - but still I was caught up in her struggle and emotion. She delivered in this roll where there are long moments where she's all you see.
Even though I'm not a big fan of 3D that's what was playing when I wanted to go, but you'll get the full effect either way. The only thing you'll miss if you don't see it in 3D is flying space debris (there's one time, in particular, where the entire audience ducks), but the effects and the beauty of it will amaze either way.
Four and a half stars out of five for Gravity.


LSC said...

I saw it without 3D and didn't feel the least bit cheated. My muscles still haven't relaxed.

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I thought it was quite good, and one that really needs to be seen in 3D and on the biggest screen you can find. Spectacular to see, but the science is a little simple-minded at times. I mean, the hubble telescope, the international space station, and the chinese space station all lying within half a mile or so in space? Just one of a many dozen liberties taken with scientific reality.

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It's a technical marvel -- appropriately breathtaking in its evocation of space's vastness and the buffeting suffered by the two astronauts in their efforts to anchor themselves to something solid. But Cuaron also knows how suspense works.