October 13, 2013

Movie Review: Enough Said ****

It's impossible to watch James Gandolfini in a romantic comedy as the big, huggable, vulnerable guy with the broken heart, and not feel sad that he died before his time. I could be wrong but I imagine that's what he was like in real life.
Albert (Gandolfini) and Eva (Julie Louis-Dreyfus) meet at a party and while it's not exactly love at first sight they delight in making each other laugh. Gandolfini and Louis-Deryfus play off of each other well as this unlikely couple, although Gandolfini is the stronger actor here. Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who is a really strong comic actor, is endearing in this film when she's not staring off into space trying to appear emotional. At times she was relaxed and real and other times her performance felt forced. Not that it's bad, but it's uneven.
It's a sweet film to watch and I would have given it five stars if I'd had an easier time buying the premise that Eva's new client (Catherine Keener) turns out to be Albert's ex-wife (a poet, of all things, and a seemingly successful one at that, which I believe is an oxymoron), and Eva doesn't know it until halfway through the movie. I have a hard time believing the woman never used his name when that's all she talked, and bitched, about. Might have worked better if his name were Bob or Jim, and she could use the name without raising any red flags.
Regardless, it's an enjoyable film and a pleasure to watch them both and the ending is perfect. Too bad his
ending was so soon.
Four out of five stars for Enough Said.

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