July 7, 2013

Movie Review: Before Midnight **

Since I wasn't crazy about the first two films in this series (Before Sunrise and Before Sunset) you might wonder why I went to see Before Midnight. Well, the critics seem to particularly love this one so, off I went. 
Should have stayed home. 
I love the idea of meeting these characters back in 1995 then revisiting them in 2004 and now, but unfortunately the concept is much better than the reality.
If there was any magic between these two characters (and there was - a tad - way back in the first movie), they left it on that subway, or maybe on the cutting room floor. Now they've been together for ten years or so and have twin girls and all they do is talk about nothing and then argue about it.
Delpy's Celine is whiny and insecure and annoying. Bad combo platter. Her main goal in life seems to be picking fights with Ethan Hawke's Jesse who is tolerant and supportive, but apparently not enough for her. She's a bitch.
There's nothing riveting about their conversation or their fights or this story. If you like watching a couple's relationship fall apart, if you like hoping it will happen soon so you can get the hell out of the theater, you'll want to see this film. If you take a pass, you won't miss anything.
But if they make another one in the series I'll probably go see it. Maybe that'll be the one I like. 

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