February 28, 2013

Book Signings Are a Crap Shoot

Last night's event at Round Table Books in Winnetka more than made up for my event a couple weeks ago where no one came. Really...NO. ONE. Well...shit happens.
This book promotion stuff is a challenge, let me tell you.You never know how an event will go. Will you get an audience? Is the book seller supportive? Are people engaged? Will we have a major snow storm?
It's a crap shoot.
And sometimes you win, like I did last night.
Arthur Frank, the owner of this lovely book store, is the most wonderful host. He knows how to do an event! Thanks to Arthur and the lovely Sue (photo at left), and Simone, and the other lady whose name I don't remember (so sorry) but who was so welcoming. Winnetka is a very lucky town to have a book store like Round Table Books.
Want to hear other authors' perspectives about doing events? Check out this article from my friends at ChickLitCentral

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