October 11, 2010

Have You Reconnected With Your High School Sweetheart?

A lovely letter from Grace about Mr. Right-Enough:
"I just finished your book. I loved it.
I'm 53 and I lost my mom years back so in many ways I could relate to Libby.
My sister Amy ran into her high school boyfriend and
they talked for 36 hours. Then she went back to Philly, told her live-in that she was moving back to Chicago. She married her "Patrick" 2 months later.
Loved it, loved it!"

Mr. Right-Enough
is the story of 50-year-old Libby Carson who reconnects online with her high school sweetheart on the same day her significant-other proposes. This is Libby's story as her desire for security battles with her craving for passion.
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