October 25, 2010

Dupuytren's Info

I haven't posted anything about Dupuytren's for a while although I continue to hear from people who are waiting to get the enzyme injections, now that they're on the open market. I heard from Fred in Kansas City who was going to get the treatment. This was in August and I don't know if he's had it by now. But here are his before pictures. You're not going to believe this. (Beware it's kind of disturbing - makes me so grateful that mine is not worse.)
More pictures here.
You might think he's intentionally bending the fingers on his left hand, but that's what the disease does in the worst cases.
There's lots more Dupuytren's info on this website. Just type it into the search box.
Also a series of videos about the enzyme injection on YouTube


Fred said...

I received an error when I tried to access the photo album. I copied and pasted the above address to see if the album could be accessed. I am doing well since the procedure and very pleased with the result. The best way to describe the discomfort in my hand is like having jammed fingers. Not overly painful. Hope this helps.

Samantha Hoffman said...

Thanks, Fred. Glad it's going well. I think I fixed the link.