July 21, 2010

I'm a TV Star!

Okay, "star" might be a little strong but I seem to be a regular on WGN. Okay, "regular" might be a bit strong but remember when I was on Channel 9 last January (me and 40 other people) to promote Too Hot to Handel, the jazz/gospel version of Handel's Messiah that I sang in at the Auditorium Theatre?
I digress. Anyway, last Friday Bill and I wandered down to where the filming of Transformers 3 had taken over Michigan Ave. And a news reporter (with camera man in tow) from WGN waved us over and asked a couple questions. We didn't think any more about it, totally forgot to watch the Channel 9 news, and then here's how I found out we'd been on TV.
There's a homeless man who sits on a street corner in a wheel chair who has a leg missing and just a couple of teeth, and he sits with a cup, jangling the change. I've seen him there three or four times a week all year 'round for at least the last four years and I always say good morning and sometimes I put money in his cup.
So this morning he stopped me and said, "Was you on TV?" and I said no. He said he was sure he saw me, must've been my twin, said he told his girlfriend he knew that lady (he has a girlfriend? and a TV?? Is it a flat screen?). And then I remembered and said, "Oh, was it about the filming of the movie?" and he said yes. I said, "Well then, that was me!" He said, "I knew it! Next time I want a autograph!"
And now here's the really amazing thing about the world we live in. I found the footage online and here it is, for your viewing pleasure!

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ron k said...

indeed ! autographs !