May 11, 2010

Knee Walker Scooter

Isn't this the goofiest thing you've ever seen? It's called a Knee Walker and you put your bad leg on the pad and then you scoot yourself around like a big dork.
When Bill and I went out for dinner on Saturday I tried it out for the first time and I have to tell you, it's not that easy to use. Hit a little bump in the pavement and you're likely to go flying. And it's hell on the knee. I kept feeling as if I should switch off legs so as not to get too tired but of course that wouldn't work. Bill said EVERY SINGLE PERSON I passed turned around to look at me. They were probably thinking, WTF???
Well, I tried it again yesterday, almost 2 miles round trip, and you know what? It seems kind of stupid. It's not all that stable, it hurts my knee and it's tiring. I'm going back to the crutches which I've gotten used to and can now move pretty efficiently. Besides, the foot's getting better every day. Won't be long before I'm back out there running!


Scarletgrey said...

Your face on that picture, hilarious! When you told me about this contraption, I didn't have a clue. I think not! I would never use something like that! Who invented this? Did they try it out? I think not!

Gardenwife said...

I had surgery to repair tendons in my ankle. Following surgery, I was instructed to put put no weight on my foot for two weeks, possibly longer. I have tendinitis in my wrists and hands. I could not bear to use crutches at all and even using a regular walker was agonizing. My upper body strength is poor as well, so just getting up with the walker was awful, then I had to hop while putting all that pressure on my hands. The hip on my good leg was screaming after a few minutes of this, too.

Two people I know suggested I find a knee walker. I remembered seeing the cumbersome-looking knee scooter thing at a medical equipment store in the facility where I first saw a foot and ankle specialist. At the time, I dismissed it, thinking it was weird and didn't look like something I'd ever use. I thought out was a gimmick.

Boy, was I wrong! After five or so days of hell, I called around and found a place in town who had them. My husband brought one home for me within the hour (saint!). From the moment I got on it, I was free. I literally hooted with joy!

I don't give a rat's hiney if people gawk as I coast on by them. If it weren't for this wonderful invention, I would have spent two our more weeks camped out in my recliner, dreading the moments I'd have to grit my teeth and make the 60' round-trip commute to the bathroom. I didn't want to drink the recommended amount of water because I knew the results. Yes, it was that bad.

My first trip after surgery was a visit to a local garden center. I flew through the aisles, so happy and thankful.

Gardenwife said...

The one I use is slightly different than the one in your picture. Mine is quite stable and the cushion has memory foam inside it. It's made by Drive Medical. I suspended a wire mesh desk organizer basket on the handlebars. With pretty ribbon. Yep, I'm a dork!

Pride vs. Enjoying Life. I choose the latter! Man, am I appreciative of whoever invented these things.

I've had people stop me and ask where they can get one; they tell me about fiends and relatives who are struggling. Lots of people don't have wheelchair accessible homes and, like me, can't use crutches or walkers. This product stands in the gap.

I have no affiliation with the company. I'm just a consumer who paid $50 to rent one for a month's worth of sweet relief.

Anonymous said...

I have had quite a few foot surgeries and used wheel chairs and crutches in the past, but my surgery 2 weeks ago requires NO foot pressure for 6-8 weeks. My surgeon this time reccommended the knee walker and I am so happy that he did. I am currently by myself since my husband is working out of town, and I, too, would have been stuck in my recliner not wanting to go to the bathroom as often as I should, but I have mastered using it both inside and outside the house. I HIGHLY advise people to rent one. They are expensive to buy and unless you need one permanently, just rent it. One IMPORTANT piece of advice is to be sure you get one that you can steer. DO NOT get one that has type type of wheels that spin around. That's hazardous. Also, the hand brakes are important. I is easy to manuever in the house. It takes much less space than a wheelchair. One caution... be careful of your 'good' foot and keep it out of the way of the wheels. I've hit mine several times when backing up.

Bill Stewart said...

Knee walkers are great. My brother used one after he had surgery on his knee. It made getting around much easier for him.

rashid noman said...

Rolling Walker are great. My mother used one after the Ankle Surgery. It made getting around much easier for her.

kathy dennis said...

I've had a similar experience to yours, Gardenwife, and after 2 months of hopping around on one foot with a walker, and a wheelchair for longer distances, I graduated to the knee walker. It has given me a lot more freedom and speed to get from point A to point B. Regardless of the assistive device, people gawk when out in public. Nothing looks it feels more absurd than hopping on one leg and schlepping a walker around. I have been non weightbearing for over 2 months since breaking my foot in a car wreck. I still have 2 months to go before I am expected to walk or drive again. The knee walker beats the heck out of the wheelchair, crutches, or walker. I've tried every assistive medical device out there and this one has been the most beneficial.

Anonymous said...
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