April 20, 2010

I Love My Home, But...

...I feel like I want to move. I live in a condo in an elegant, beautiful building 1/2 block from Michigan Ave., near the historic Water Tower and The Hancock. Are you jealous? I know. It's fabulous. But have you ever lived in a condo building where there's in-fighting amongst the board members? Aaaaarrrrgggghhhh.
Here's my philosophy about the board: I cast my vote for the people I trust to run the building and then I let them run it.
I may not always be in complete agreement with their decisions but that's life. And if I really hate what they do I don't vote for them again.
For the last several years in my building -
my home - there's been a rabble-rouser faction who go to every meeting, question every act, second-guess every decision. They've accused the board of fraud, they delay needed repairs, they call names, etc. and it makes me want to run screaming from this building.
We have an election coming up and there are people who seem insane running for the board, not to mention the ones who are already on it. It's very scary.
Here's the text of an email from one board member to another (this is word for word):
If you want your legacy to be that of a whiny little girlie boy bitch...For god sakes...Leave with some class and dignity and be a man.
I know you have no context for that and there's stuff I left out but really...is there anything that could make this all right?
Here's another snippet of an email from one board member to another:
My advice to you is to have a big glass of shut the **** up and find something more important to complain about.
And here's one from someone who's running for the board (and who wants to be president) to a board member:
With regard to "needing help," who the fuck are you? Jesus, get over yourself.
God. Wouldn't you want to run screaming from here with me?
I know it's not fair to put this stuff up here without context and without the other side of the story (there's always another side) but what the hell, it's my blog so screw that. And I've seen the context and you just have to believe me when I say (as a non-political, non-activist person) that these responses are not justified. And what could justify this kind of childish behavior anyway?
Isn't a difference of opinion the cornerstone of democracy? We elect a body of people to represent us and those people express their ideas and ours, and discuss them, even debate them, and come to a resolution that works for the common good. But the key to that system working is respect and that's what's lacking here. I don't want people like that in office, not in my country and not in my condo building. But there they are and I feel helpless to do anything about it except to rant, ineffectively, on my blog.
I would not presume to tell people how to vote, I would say that if there is a board member you trust, consult with them. But just in case you want to know, I'm voting for Sandra Procida and Donna Arends.


Brian Connolly said...


“I know it's not fair to put this stuff up here without context and without the other side of the story (there's always another side) but what the hell, it's my blog so screw that.”

No, it’s not fair. And it surely is out of context. But it is totally aligned with the people you are supporting.

Yes, the language in private discussions has been heated and colorful. Free speech makes democracy a messy business. Alternatively, fascists leverage their interpretations of what’s right and wrong and use it as a tool to gain privilege and force their opinion on others. THAT’S what’s going on at 111.

Listen, past the bravado and intensity, the real fight is pretty simple: There’s a group that understands the dire market conditions and the impact soring debt will have on property values; and then there’s a group that doesn’t. Regrettably, the group that doesn’t holds our credit card presently and are proudly digging us into a deep deep hole. They have us $3 million in debt counting with NO plan as to how to pay it back.

Bottom line: the fighting isn’t the problem. Thank God there’s a group that have taken on the good fight. The PR catastrophe under Sid’s administration is the soring debt. Hell, with his recent letter regarding a special assessment he might as well put a sign on our roof that says, “hazardous waste sold here cheap.”

You want to continue that insanity? Seriously?! Then certainly do vote for the two people he endorses.


Brian Connolly

Craig Nelson said...

It is interesting that Samantha supports the only 2 candidates that did not bother to show up at the "meet the candidate" night. In fact neither decided to run until Sid called each at the 11th hour and begged them to submit a candidate form.

Most of you on this email distribution list know me to be a savvy and conservative business person with a good amount of common sense.. For those who do not know me, I have been a resident & owner (48C) at 111 for the past 11 years.

I have spent the past 2 years attempting to force a culture of due diligence, financial control and detailed project management. Why this was resisted? I will never know.

If anyone is interested in hearing the details, please contact me (312) 919-5668..or join me at the pancake breakfast this Sunday @ 10am - Chestnut room!

Craig Nelson
VP - 111 E Chestnut Board of Directors

Craig Nelson said...


I spoke with the other board candidates. If you are willing, we invite you to sit down over coffee and discuss the outstanding issues.

Please contact me 312-919-5668 to arrange a time & place.