April 30, 2010

The Condo Drama Continues

I was out of town on Tuesday, April 27th so unable to attend the election board meeting, one that took an unfortunate turn. I'm told there were about 50 homeowners there. Joann Dobbie, a board member who was not up for re-election, read this letter:

This letter is from Donna Arends, Sandra Procida, Ken Hubbard and myself. We intend to be very clear and concise about the lack of professional behavior that has taken place during the last few months and has escalated to an even higher level in the past few days.
The four of us have been subjected to a barrage of written and verbal harassments and threats. As professionals, it has been disruptive to both our personal and business lives and most of all counterproductive for the betterment of 111.
Because of this behavior please accept this as formal notice that Donna Arends and Sandra Procida are removing their names from the ballot. Also, Ken Hubbard and I are resigning from the board, effective immediately.

We typically don't give in to bullies but refuse to be subjected to the hate, meanness and evil that has been directed towards us, especially in the last few days. When we volunteered to be on the board and committees we were willing to give our all for the betterment of the building. We did not volunteer to be relentlessly attacked by our neighbors. Our refusal to be subjected to these continuing scare tactics gives us no other alternative.

And here's the text of an email Joann received, one of many, but this was the most recent. It's from smaktac@yahoo.com, someone who made several comments to my previous blog post, which I removed after a while because he/she would not identify herself and her rants were annoying and a little creepy:

This was sent on April 22, 2010 (it is word for word, the punctuation and caps all hers):

Dear Ms. Dobbie,

I am pleased to inform you that your intellectually-circuited friend, Ms. Samantha Hoffman has inspired me to start a blog, detailing all the information(s) in regards to 111 E. Chestnut. I suppose Ms. Hoffman's selective editing and attempts to be evasive in addressing facts that I challenged her on gave me the needed push to put an end to all lies and slanders perpetrated by you and the other two Stooges, Samantha and Ken Hubbard.

Also, I'd be honored to point out that YOU, Ms. Dobbie is a phony and has a mean streak but unfortunately, the 3lb.defective jellied mush encased in her cranium has made her...transparent. Just to let you know: I have spoken with you once and noticed how you were remarkably slow to pick up on non-literal comments. You were instantaneously pegged as a fluffy-headed twit. And may attempt to be threatening because "she's really NOT that bright, trust me."

Finally, we know that you and Mr. Hubbard have attempted to selectively choose apartments with higher percentage ownerships to slip a compilation of emails underneath the door. You chose the wrong apartment, and thank you for the piece. And FYI, we have confirmed sources that Mr. Hubbard was seen fluttering from one floor to the other, slipping such piece under the door. You are aware that THAT is in violation of your responsibility as a standing board member? And that is just one act of violation.

Toodles for now.

SmakTac, the new blogger of 111 East Chestnut.

Unfortunately the new regime, which now has a majority in our building, attracts people like this, who are (I apologize for this in advance but there's no other word) crazy. And scary.
I only hope that now the fighting and nasty emails have ended, and that the new board will get down to the business of running the building in a responsible and professional manner.
But I have to say I don't feel very optimistic.

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Craig C. Nelson - 111 E Board of Directors said...

Samantha – I would never condone written or verbal attacks. The fact remains that this election was won fairly by our current board. The final numbers were a landslide against your endorsed candidate and more homeowners had voted than in any previous election.

You and I had a conversation prior to the election. I offered to address any concern you might have. I would never go negative but the fact also remains that I do have written confirmation that Ken Hubbard was witnessed distributing private, internal board emails in an effort to defame us as candidates.

Well one thing Ken, Joann and Kim did not know, is that those emails included enough context to show homeowners that despite some colorful language (Joe Biden also guilty) that we were fighting for them. Those distributed emails yielded our team almost ten proxies.

Maybe now we can bring financial control & fiscal responsibility back to 111. I do welcome your support Samantha.