December 1, 2009

The Real Tiger Woods Story

Jeez, how can so many people talk so much about a subject and say absolutely nothing? Every TV station, every newspaper, every radio show is obsessed with this non-story.
Yesterday, every talk show host on WGN talked about Tiger Woods, ad nauseum. Garry Meier (who I love) went on and on, doing nothing but speculating and fanning the flames. I turned him off after about 20 minutes and when I turned him back on (thinking he'd have moved on) he was still at it, an hour and a half later.
And they're still at it today. John Williams talked about Tiger Woods for the first hour of his show this morning. With nothing new to say. I don't get it.
Why are people so interested in this story? Why are they so anxious to believe that Tiger Woods is cheating on his wife and that she went after him with his own golf club? And even if that's the case who cares?
I hope Tiger Woods never elaborates further on what happened. The world will go crazy not knowing THE REAL TIGER WOODS STORY, but I'm confident it will continue spinning.
BTW, I'm also sick of those White House party crashers.

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