December 28, 2009

The Little Caesar's Pizza Bowl

Do I care about college football? Not really. Did I follow the season? Only to see how Ohio State and Notre Dame were doing (passing interest). Did I watch any games? Maybe twelve and a half minutes, all told. So, you might ask, why the heck did I go to Detroit to the Little Caesar's Pizza Bowl? Because my cousin Ken Hoffman (above right, with his son Luke) is the creator and Executive Director of that bowl game (which used to be The Motor City Bowl) and I love my cousin and don't get to see him very often. And it turns out to be a mini-family reunion and a chance to spend time with some more of my favorite cousins.

This year my sister and her husband from San Antonio were there and two of my nieces.
(My two nieces from Toledo and me with my sister who's wearing an Ohio State sweatshirt under her jacket.)

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