August 28, 2009

Is Quentin Tarantino a Genius or Is He Just Nuts?

My answer? Yes and yes. Have you ever seen him interviewed? He's out there. He was on Conan O'Brien last week wearing a Spanky-and-Our-Gang kind of cap in an argyle plaid. And if that's not goofy enough he had it on backwards. Okay, it's a look...kind of a mental hospital thing. But, oh well, so he dresses weird. That doesn't make him crazy. But have you seen his movies? Did you see Inglourious Basterds?
Actually I loved it, I give it five stars, but you have to be a little nuts to make a movie like that. I happen to think it's genius; I love the way it's filmed, I love the music, the characters and the title cards used throughout. I love the type bubbles that point out who certain characters are. All very creative. I don't love the violence but that's Tarantino. You always know you're in for something gruesome when you see one of his movies. But you also know you're going to see a film that's unlike anyone else's, and is, in short, genius.

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