August 11, 2009

Breakfast Conversation

This morning I had a meeting with Alicia Dale from Full Circle Management who I originally met at a networking event. Alicia's an amazing networker because she's very real and just likes to connect people. And she had some fabulous ideas for promoting my new business Blogging Made Simple.
Anyway, I got there a little early and was having coffee. Two older men (probably my age!) were seated in the booth behind me and they were talking about heart surgery.
One man said he hadn't scheduled his surgery yet because he was afraid that afterwards he wouldn't be able to do his two favorite things: golf and sex. The other man described the benefits of Cialis and while he said there was no ejaculate (I'm not making this up) the sensation of orgasm was still there. Good to know with your morning coffee.
One of them ordered oatmeal, the other ordered corned beef hash and two poached eggs. I think he was the one who hadn't scheduled his surgery yet.
They were just getting into a new topic, blood in the stool, when Alicia arrived and diverted my attention. Thank god.

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