May 14, 2009

Food Network Fanatic

Have I told you I'm addicted to the Food Network? It's my crack. When my TV is on, if it's not tuned to American Idol or Make Me a Supermodel (kidding - I hate that show) it's tuned to the Food Network.
Rachel Ray got on my nerves pretty quickly (a couple years, tho) with her "Guys" and "Man overboards" and "Good to gos," and Paula Deen's laugh could curdle milk but I love Giada and Ina and Bobby and Tyler, to name a few. Everything they make looks delicious altho I'm here to tell you that's not always the case. While I'm watching, tho, they make things look so enticing that I inevitably go to the FN website and copy the recipes into my folders. I have thousands, most of which I've never made and none of which I can find when I'm looking for it. Like the other day, Bobby Flay made salmon where he smeared half a pound of butter on the skin (how could that be bad?), then salt and peppered it, then threw it on the grill to sear, and of course I had to have that recipe. I bought a piece of salmon today and am all ready to prepare that fat-ladened dish but can't find the damn recipe in amongst the 800 other salmon recipes I saved.
A couple days ago Ina was making a birthday dinner and she served French martinis. Then next came Bobby Flay and HE, too made French martinis. So I HAD to have a French martini. Yum. My new favorite drink. Another of these and who cares what I do with that salmon.


Scarletgrey said...

You are so funny! Paula Deen can get on your nerves after a while, and Rachael sometimes does. I tape her show every weekday on ABC. That way I can fast forward something if it gets on my nerves. Now Ina I just can't stand. I liked her at first, but she gets on my nerves. Giada is awesome, and Sandra on Semi Homemade is good too, but she can get on my nerves. I love Bobby Flay and his throwdowns! One show he did Matzo Ball Soup. The Next Food Network Star I look forward to, but the one who won last season, can't remember his real name. The show is Big Daddy's House. I couldn't get into him. I haven't made as much of the recipes that I would like to, but I did make the Chicken Piccata that Rachael made and it was absolutely delicious! Another show I am addicted to is HGTV's remodeling shows.

Muzzlet said...

I'm a huge FTV fan too! My favorite is Alton Brown. Yes, he can be a little cheesy at times, but I always learn something and it always holds my interest. I cannot watch Rachel Ray, for even a second. However, I do like the magazine. She's much easier to take in 2 dimensions!! Is this the recipe you were looking for? If not, it still really sounds good!!!

Samantha Hoffman said...

Hey Jan! That's not the recipe - note the absence of all that butter smeared on the skin! But you're right, it sounds delicious. I'll put it in my file, if it's not already there with the other 92recipes I have for salmon.