July 23, 2017

Movie Review: A Ghost Story *

Will someone please go see A Ghost Story and then tell me what it's all about?
Many looooooong camera shots of a house, or a landscape or a couple in bed or a fork (kidding about the fork)...so long that you could doze off (I may have) and when you wake you will be looking at the same image and nothing will have moved.
In one particular scene, which has to be seven or eight minutes long, the woman (who has no name and is played by Rooney Mara) sits on the kitchen floor and eats an entire pie, real-time pie eating, eating, eating, eating and then runs to the bathroom to throw up. I get it, it's an expression of her grief for her dead husband, but must we watch her eat the whole thing? (I hope she was able to do that scene in one take.)
Most of the story takes place in the house the no-name woman lived in with her no-name husband (Casey Affleck - what a waste of his talent, wandering around in a sheet with eye holes), and he is the ghost who stays in the house to comfort her and then to haunt a woman and her children who move in, and then to watch it being torn down, but then we see him wandering around an office building (where is that? why is he there?) and then he's on a prairie with a pioneer family.
I do not know what any of this means.
I saw this alone, and when it ended I laughed. There was a man by himself a few seats down and I looked at him and he just shrugged.
The critics love this film. I do not. One out of five stars for A Ghost Story.

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