July 12, 2015

Movie Review: Infinitely Polar Bear ****1/2

Infinitely Polar Bear, the based-on-life story of a manic-depressive father of two young girls, hit a little close to home for me, having been married to a manic-depressive some years ago. Much of it felt familiar and sad, though we didn't have children, and I wasn't nearly as understanding and supportive as the loving wife/mother in this film, played by the luminous Zoe Saldana. And being married to my ex wasn't as much fun as it is sometimes depicted in the film (although we had our good times), but yes, there is humor in everything.
This is a poignant story, authentically told and beautifully acted by all. Mark Ruffalo is perfect, and utterly believable, in this difficult role. What a fearless actor he is to open the film with a scene riding a bicycle in his red Jockey shorts. He's not exactly buffed out.
If you have no experience with manic-depression Mark Ruffalo's character may feel exaggerated and contrived, but get beyond that and you'll connect to this family stuggling to survive.
Four and a half stars out of five for Infinitely Polar Bear.

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