February 15, 2015

Movie Review: Nightcrawler ****

Jake Gyllenhaal is gaunt as Lou Bloom in Nightcrawler, and suitably creepy as a sort of autistic, idiot savant who happens upon a new career path as a news videographer, and takes it to new levels.
He's a fast learner, he's fond of telling people, and he is, reciting research robot-like off the Internet, and learning his new craft as if he's gone through the Evelyn Woods School of Videography.
Rene Russo is the director of the lowest-rated news show on TV and when Bloom brings her some particularly gory footage she knows this is the key to her contract that's coming up for renewal, though it's going to cost more than she expects.
The movie amps up and amps up, and toward the end my stomach churned as I waited to see what icky thing would happen next.
Nightcrawler is sleazy and sordid, and great fun to watch.
Four out of five stars for Nightcrawler.

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