November 9, 2014

Writing Tip: Writers Conferences are Energizing and Exhausting

Sean Walsh, Therese Walsh
(Founder of UnCon) and me
Mare Swallow
Founder of CWC
If you want to energize your writing, if you need a new perspective on your work, if you want to connect with other writers, if you want to hear other writers' experiences...go to a writers conference. I make it a point to attend at least one writers conference a year, and when I'm really, really lucky I get to go to two. This year I did a marathon - two conferences in a row. I'm coming off of an almost overwhelming few weeks, first at the Chicago Writers Conference and then at the first (and I hope, annual) Writer Unboxed UnConference in Salem, MA. And while I was exhausted each night of those conferences, particularly at UnCon which was four days long, I came home from each with new energy and new ideas and new tips for my writing. And I came home with new friends.
Donald Maass
at UnCon
Interestingly, both conferences were started by amazing women who simply saw a need and filled it, a massive undertaking. They both have my admiration and gratitude for creating such amazing places for writers to gather and connect and learn.
So, maybe I sound like a broken record about the benefit of writers conferences, but if you're a writer at any level, find one and do it. You can thank me later.

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