February 23, 2014

What the Heck is a Presser Foot?

I asked this question of my book club (all ladies of a certain age, like me): "Does anyone have a sewing machine with a presser foot for sewing welting cord?"
Here was the response from most of them: "What's a sewing machine?"
Kidding. Of course they knew that but only one actually knew what a presser foot was. I'm puzzled - didn't we all take Home Ec in grade school? I think I took it in 8th grade, or maybe I was a freshman, I'm not sure, but I remember sewing the world's ugliest apron.
Presser foot
Anyway, do you know what a presser foot is? It's that pronged silver piece in the picture on the right, and it holds down the fabric as you sew.
Super-duper welting foot
And then there's the super-duper welting presser foot which my 40 year old machine didn't come with but I found (where else?) on the Internet. Amazing what you can find online.
Why I needed this is because about a year ago I redecorated: new sofa, new rug, new colors...and I bought fabric to recover pillows and my dining room chairs, just because I can do that kind of thing, and enough to also make a slipcover for an ottoman. I did the chairs and did the pillows, but the ottoman's been sitting there all this time, with its little disguise. Not that I was fooling anyone.
 So when I finally got my new presser foot it was time to get started. "Do you know how to slipcover?" you may ask. No. But the Internet does. I looked on YouTube for a video and of course I found one and voila! I slip-covered an ottoman, complete with welting cord. I'm so proud!
See how that Home Ec paid off?
Old color scheme
Thinly disguised ottoman
Here's a good start
Close-up of the fabulous welting

Almost there...

Cool, right?

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