December 27, 2013

Movie Review: American Hustle ***1/2

The true star of this film is the double-stick tape that's used to prevent us from catching a glimpse of Amy
Adams' and Jennifer Lawrence's nipples. Their breasts are in full view through most of the movie, in their cut-to-the-navel wardrobe, and you keep waiting for something to fall out. Nothing ever does, but truly, the view is enchanting.
There's a lot of Oscar buzz around American Hustle and while I don't think it has Best Picture potential the performances are all pretty spectacular. If my theory holds (read my review of The Dallas Buyers Club to see what I'm referring to), Christian Bale will get a nomination for this role because he gained 40 lbs. Also, he's really great. As are Bradley Cooper, my girl Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner. Jennifer Lawrence is good but not great in this film but she'll probably get a nomination anyway because she's the darling of Hollywood at the moment.
American Hustle is an interesting, if complicated, story. I remember Abscam but didn't remember the details so I can't say how much of this is accurate, but loved how in the beginning these word flash on the screen: "Some of this actually happened." The story drags in the middle, making me look at my watch, and some of it is a stretch - the relationship between Bradley Cooper's character and his boss, played by Louis C.K., for one. But it's a beautiful period piece and a couple of good hours of entertainment.
Oh, and Christian Bales' comb-over should get a Best Special Effects nomination.
Three and a half stars out of five for American Hustle.


Dan O. said...

Lawrence was a blast, and so was Cooper. Whenever they were on-screen, the movie got a hundred times better to watch. Good review Samantha.

Best Dependable Seattle Limo said...

David O. Russell's American Hustle is slick, surprisingly funny, and actually makes the horrendous styles of the 1970s look kind of appealing.

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