November 15, 2013

What More Could You Wish For Goes to Germany

How cool is this? My book What More Could You Wish For has been translated into German. The new title, Herzensdinge, means Matters of the Heart. Nice.

The book will be published next week, on November 22nd, and take a look at this fantastic cover - don't you love it? It made me laugh out loud with delight. I wrote to the publisher, Friederike Achilles, and she said, "I’m so glad you like our cover – I think it’s great, too! It perfectly illustrates your wonderful story, which I really, really loved very much. It is so funny and yet so sad from time to time. Congratulations for this fantastic novel!"

I wish it were the American cover as well.

If you read German you can get a Kindle version on Amazon. There's a print version as well but right now it's only on German Amazon. I'm so excited to hold it in my hands. Now I have to learn German.

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