September 30, 2013

10 Things I Learned At The Chicago Writers Conference

1.   If you don't think your work can benefit from editing then self-publishing's probably for you. ~Doug Siebold.
2.   Once you define social media as a marketing tool you are totally screwed. ~Shannon Downey
3.   Figure out what social media works for you and then be awesome at it. ~Shannon Downey
4.   When you're presenting, don't use "like" throughout your presentation. (an observation)
5.   You can't really teach people to be funny. (an observation)
6.   Keep it briefer than you need it to be. ~Ian Belknap
7.   If you feel the need to write, do it! ~Rick Kogan
8.   Bobbleheads can sabotage your writing. ~Randy Richardson
9.   In literature sex illuminates something. ~Patricia Ann McNair
10. Pop Chips are DE-licious. ~Shannon Downey

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