August 3, 2013

Writing Tip: In the Company of Writers

St. Simon's Island
If you're a writer or an editor or a book publisher, or if you're a reader who wants to be a writer, you need to get yourself to a writing conference. There's no group that could be more supportive and encouraging. Even the bad conferences (I won't name them here) are good - you always learn something, and you always meet at least one interesting person (most likely you'll meet many more than one). I love being in the company of other writers, and so will you.
I go to at least one conference every year in some wonderful location, and sometimes I'm able to do more than one. I would do one every month if I could.
Epworth by the Sea
This year I went to the Southeastern Writers Conference at Epworth by the Sea on beautiful St. Simon's Island, Georgia, and the reason I went to that one is because I had gone to the Erma Bombeck Writers Workshop the year before which I went to because someone I met at the Santa Barbara Writers Conference told me I should. Are you keeping up here?
The Erma Bombeck conference was wonderful (in scenic Dayton, Ohio) and that's where I met two lovely ladies from Georgia - Debbie Brown and Jan Kelleher - and we stayed in touch on Facebook and they told me I should go to the Southeastern Writers Conference. So I did, and it was amazing. It was fabulous reconnecting with Debbie and Jan, and making new friends, and learning so much at the terrific workshops and enjoying the beautiful scenery. I mean, really...what more could I wish for? (That was a shameless plug...did you get that?)
Epworth by the Sea
So get yourself to a writers conference and I guarantee you will love it. You'll love being in the company of writers.
And...I have the perfect one for you to go to - it's coming up on September 27-29, 2013 right here in my beautiful city - Chicago, the Chicago Writers Conference.
Harold Washington, site of the Chicago Writers Conference
I just happen to be on the programming committee with the dynamic conference creator Mare Swallow, so I can tell you the panels and speakers are going to be remarkable - (lots of) something for everyone. And there will be plenty of time to socialize with authors, publishers, agents...
So, register now!
Oh, and if you'd like to participate in an evening of reading fun send your submission and you'll be considered for a special event on Saturday evening.

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