May 4, 2013

My China Adventure – My Birthday in Shanghai

Laundry day in Shanghai. Actually most every day is laundry day. Most people don’t have dryers, we were told, so they have to hang out all their laundry – blankets, jackets, underpants. It does little to beautify the landscape.
This was April 2nd, my birthday. I love that I was in China for my birthday!China 055
In the morning we went to the Bund, an area along the Huangpu River which is beautiful and made me feel right at home: water, skyscrapers, nice shopping area, lovely architecture…it’s a charming combination of the old and the new. I loved it. Later we would come back to take a river cruise and see the buildings lit up at night.
China was a wonderful place to visit – very different from my own culture. It was an adventure, and even though it wasn’t my favorite destination, I loved the experience. I was happy to be on a tour, tho I’d admire you greatly if you explored China on your own. I think it would be daunting unless you speak the language. No one speaks much English there. Not that I go to a foreign country expecting them to speak my language, but often they do, which makes it very handy when you’re trying to get around. And if not, I can get by in Europe because I know just enough French to be understood and enough Italian to say “do you speak English?” For Chinese I learned “ni hao” (hello) and “xie xie” (thank you) and “ma ma hu hu” which you hardly ever have a chance to use because it means “so-so,” but it’s very fun to say. The Chinese language is vastly different from ours and difficult to even mimic. Maybe I could have learned it when I was twelve but I’ve no prayer of learning it now. So, being with a tour group was fantastic. 

Enjoy the photo albums and stay tuned for more Shanghai pictures.
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