September 28, 2012

Great Review for What More Could You Wish For

I can't even describe the feeling of reading this wonderful review - my heart is swelling with gratitude and delight.Thanks so much to Cindy Roesel, and ChickLitCentral

By Cindy Roesel
Put a big fat chocolate cupcake lit up with candles on the cover of Samantha Hoffman’s first novel, WHAT MORE COULD YOU WISH FOR, and you know you’ve captured my attention. Now let’s read what’s between these pages, shall we.
Libby Carson has a wonderful life. She has a lovely family, great friends, her seamstress business is doing well, a guy who is kind and reliable and blah, blah, blah. She’s days away from turning fifty and surprise (!!!), her boyfriend proposes. For any other girl that might be a good thing, but Libby has been down that aisle twice before and it isn’t in her plans to say “I do” to any dude again. Suddenly steady guy turns into pushy guy just as she reconnects with another guy from way back in high-school. In fact, long lost guy just happens to be her old long lost flame. This raises Miss Libby Carson’s mid-life crisis to defcon five. She thought everything was neat and tidy in her nice little world. Guess not and now she has a few things to think about.


Anonymous said...

Your book was wonderful - I picked it up at the library yesterday after yawning my way through "Nanny Returns". Your book was funny and I read it nearly straight through, only stopping to sleep a few hours. Good luck and I hope to see another novel from you real soon.

Samantha Hoffman said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to write. I'm so happy you enjoyed it!