July 3, 2012

Cirque du Soliel - Dralion

I'm wild for Cirque du Soliel. Well, almost always. Last year I saw OVO and it was the first time I left feeling disappointed. So I was a little worried about this year's performance, not that it stopped me from going. So glad I did - it was fantastic. Not quite as remarkable as Allegria (but maybe that's because that was one of the first I ever saw), or O which I saw in Las Vegas and was crazy-good. But Dralion is definitely up there. So beautiful and magical and creative. My favorite parts were the trampoline people who bounced off  the walls. I've seen that before (one of the good parts of OVO) but it's still enthralling. The other was the jump rope segment. You have to see it to understand how jumping rope can take on a new dimension. Watch the video below for a sample and then get over to the United Center to see Dralion.

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