June 17, 2012

Political Correctness Gone Berserk

I'm enjoying the book The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach but there's one thing driving me crazy. The story is about a baseball playing phenom in college and the author uses the term freshperson in place of freshman.
Oh my god, really??? Are people using this? Is it widespread? Do college kids even care?
Cuz I have to say it totally makes me want to scream. We've already bent over backwards to be politically correct - backwards and forwards and sideways...and it's enough already. The word freshman doesn't denote gender. It's just a term. Just because there's a 'man' on the end of it does that mean we should ban it from our vocabulary? Stop this madness! How long before we change woman to woperson?
Bogeyman to bogeyperson?
Ottoman to ottoperson?
Human to huperson?
Gentleman to gentleperson?
Talisman to talisperson?
Manhole to personhole?
Manager to personager?
Dismantle to dispersontle?

Alright, enough of this stupidity. I have to get going anyway or else I'll miss my personicure appointment.

1 comment:

Bill said...

Soon there will be no gender differences except for those inconvenient anatomical features.