January 3, 2012

10 Worst Movies of 2011

Okay, here's my list of the ten worst movies for 2011, in reverse order. I love great movies but I have to say it's a lot more fun writing about the bad ones.
You can read the reviews by putting the title in the search box, up at the very top left of my blog, or in the column on the right (scroll down a bit).

10. My Week With Marilyn
9. The Beaver
8. War Horse
7. Higher Ground
6. No Strings Attached
5. Young Adult
4. Melancholia
3. Tree of Life
2. Potiche
And the number one worst movie of the year:
1. Jack and Jill.
Okay, I have to come clean...I didn't actually see Jack and Jill, just the trailer, but I'm quite sure it's a horrendous movie. And since this is my list and I only reviewed nine bad movies last year (even tho I'm sure I saw more bad ones than that), I've decided to lift the requirement of actually having seen the film to put it on this list.
So sue me.

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