January 16, 2011

Call Me Cynical, But...

Pope John Paul is on the fast track to sainthood because a nun prayed to him (after his death, no less) and he cured her of Parkinson's. Okay, am I the only one who's a bit skeptical here?
Sorry, I know I'm offending every Catholic in the world but really...someone says she prayed to you and you performed a miracle and poof! you're a saint? Well, actually not poof! because he needs another miracle before he can be sainted.
If I said he performed a miracle for me would it count? Well, undoubtedly not since everyone knows I'm not a praying person but is it because she's a nun that she's automatically believed? Any way we can verify this? Can we call the Miracle-Verification Hotline and make sure she has a direct line to Pope John Paul?
There are many intelligent Catholics, I'm sure, but this kind of thing makes me wonder. Can they not see there are some missing pieces to this puzzle? Religion, by definition, is based on faith (of which I'm generally lacking) but this just really pushes the limits.
So who will step forward with his second miracle? I can't wait to hear what it will be.
I prayed to Kahlil Gibran once to make me more tolerant. Can we saint him? Oh wait, that didn't work, did it?

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