January 20, 2010

Movie Review: Avatar

** (out of five stars)
Here's my review in three words: Oh, come on.
Really. Okay, the technology is incredible and it's beautiful to look at so I'm giving it two stars for that but it has nothing else going for it. Really, it's pretty stupid. The story is lame, there's nothing original about it - it borrows from every other movie in the world - a little Dances With Wolves, a little West Side Story, a little Star Wars, a little Guess Who's Coming to Dinner.
The Na'vi are blue anorectics who are supposed to be intelligent life but who retaliate against flying armored cars with bows and arrows. Uh huh. That'll work.
Star Wars at least had characters you could get involved in, this has nothing of the sort. There's no chemistry between them, nothing that pulls you in or makes you want to root for them.
If you like digital effects this has it in spades. If you like a good story, take a pass.

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Scarletgrey said...

Wow, I guess you didn't care for it! Hehe, I really have no desire to see it at all. Looking at the previews, it looks pretty stupid. There are a lot of other movies out there I could spend my movie money on! I'm waiting for Eclipse to come out, looking forward to it. I started watching the HBO series True Blood, second season. Didn't even know that it was on, my trainer told me about it. So I watched the whole second season and it is fantastic. Can't wait for season three. I am also reading the books! Guess I have to rent the first season.