November 2, 2009

Overused Expressions and Expressions I Hate

1. Awesome (e.g.: "What's for dinner?" "Pot roast." "Awesome."
"I'll pick you up at four." "Awesome."
"No traffic this morning." "Awesome." (Well...ok, that IS awesome.)
But really, the Grand Canyon is awesome, space travel is awesome...but everything in the world is not awesome.
2. (Fill in the blank) rules (e.g.: I rule, she rules, Yoga rules, peanut butter rules...)
3. You rock (he rocks, she rocks, air travel rocks, peanut butter rocks...)
4. 'Like' instead of said (e.g.: "He was like, I don’t believe it, and I was like, No really...”). Or 'like' in place of...well, nothing. (e.g.: it was like, so hot yesterday...)
5. How cool is that? How pretty is that? How good is that? How fun is that? How (fill in the blank) is that?
6. Good to go
7. My bad
8. No way. Way.
9. Homage, pronounced “O maj” instead of “Ah midj,” the way it’s always been in the dictionary
10. “Growing up as a kid…” How else do you grow up?
Do you have any of your own?


Bodi said...

All too true..I hear quite of a bit of them also, but I'm drawing blanks haha. I'll make sure to leave you some though that really errk me haha.


Samantha Hoffman said...

Bodi, they'll come to you. They're everywhere!

Anonymous said...

No worries, is another one. (Sometime I just want to worry or worry is necessary. It's true!)

I'm guilty of 'how cool is that?'

I HATE 'my bad' and have corrected anyone over 30 for saying it.

Riiggght. (to just about any comment)

Samantha Hoffman said...

You're right, anyone over 30 should not say 'awesome' unless they're looking at the Taj Majal or something.
How about, "exactly," and "absolutely" instead of "yes" and "right?" Why is everything a superlative?