July 4, 2009

Faith in Humanity

The other day I took the bus to see a client (my new blogging business Blogging Made Simple) and when I left his house I realized I was missing a bag of clothing that I was going to return to the Gap. Turns out I'd left it on the bus that morning.
Well, I was sure that was the last I'd seen of it, someone surely would have taken it - there were a pair of jeans and a pair of shorts in there, both with the tags still on, and the receipt was in the bag. But, just for kicks, I called the CTA later that afternoon to see if by some small miracle someone had turned it in and imagine my surprise when they said yes, it was there. I went to pick it up later that day and everything was there, receipt and all. Amazing. Doesn't that restore your faith in humanity?


Giggy said...

I appreciate stories like this one! Go humanity!!

Samantha Hoffman said...

Ok, not only this story but the very next day a friend of mine left her camera and flip video in a taxi and the following day it was returned to her. Chalk up another one for humanity!