April 21, 2009

Day Three...Continued

Well, we decided to put the Big Leather Rip-off behind us, and headed over to the Jewish ghetto. The ghetto was built in 1555 and was where the Roman Jewish population was forced to live for more than 300 years. It was a walled area with three gates that were locked at night, an amazing fact to learn. Jews have a very long history of persecution, much longer than I ever realized. The pictures are of the beautiful synagogue.

We ate lunch al fresco (did that every chance we got) at a restaurant in the ghetto area (it's not a ghetto like we think of ghettos here - it's just a term for this area) and had Jewish-style artichokes (Carciofi alla giudia), which is a specialty in Rome - the whole artichoke is flattened and then lightly fried - but was just okay to us. We also had goulash which was delicious.
From there we went to Trastavere, a Soho-like area, and wandered around, then got lost trying to find the bus home. We walked back and forth across this bridge about ten times but finally found our bus stop and got back to the hotel for a little siesta. We went back to Pizzeria Rossina that night for a light dinner of wine (of course), salad and white pizza (no tomato sauce). Excellent.

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PRand said...

i was surprised the ghetto was locked up till the early part of this century!

we stayed at the hotel ripa in trastavere and wound up walking EVERYWHERE for two days. a lot to see and walking provided the luxury of both exercise and the ability to keep our own pace of discoveries. love roma!