March 1, 2009

South Haven, Michigan

Bill and I took a drive to South Haven, Michigan, an area we've always been drawn to - we go there at least a couple times a year, generally in the summer. Whenever we go there we drive around the south beach area (we like that neighborhood) and look at houses for sale. We don't go in, we just look.
Friday we decided to take a drive to see what South Haven is like in the winter and you know what? It was still beautiful.
We drove around a bit and called about a couple of house that were for sale, just to get an idea of pricing. Then we went on to Saugatuck and spent the night at the Twin Gables Inn just outside of town and it was lovely. A four poster bed, beautifully decorated, big bathroom, outrageous breakfast...all for $109 a night. Go there!
We had dinner at the Everyday People Cafe in Douglas (about 10 minutes away) and the food was fabulous.
On Saturday we drove back through South Haven and found a new planned community about a half mile from the beach, and looked at the models. One was way larger than we would ever need but the other was perfect. A beautiful house, high quality, perfect size, great area. We could see ourselves living there, at least part of the time. We'd keep one of my places in the city, of course, cuz we'd need that city-fix, but it sounds like a nice life, no? For now, tho, it's just a dream.

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