February 4, 2009

Unfathomable Fashion

My very first memory is fashion-related. I couldn't have been more than two and my mom was dressing my sister and me to go somewhere, a picnic, I think. She had a little green outfit for Bunny, who was probably four at the time, with a skirt and a little bandeau top, very chic. For me there was a little yellow one-piece sunsuit, the kind toddlers wear, with elastic ruffles around the thighs. The top of the suit was in the shape of a red heart with straps that criss-crossed across my back. I hated it. I cried and carried on, filled with jealousy that Bunny got to wear a skirt. I wanted one too.
There've been lots of fashion trends over the years, some I've gotten into (pedal pushers, hot pants, platform shoes, shoulder pads) some I haven't (the second time gaucho pants came around, skorts, leggings, Uggs). Some I've liked, some I've detested. But there's one now that is just beyond my comprehension. It's the sagging-pants look worn mostly by black kids and some white, hip-hop, wannabe-black kids. Their pants are worn so low they can barely keep them up and their underwear (typically boxers, thank god, and not briefs) are in nearly-full view. I see it a lot, on the streets of the city, on the CTA, in Juvenile Court where I go for my volunteer CASA work. The waistband is hanging somewhere around the middle of their butts and to dig into their pockets means reaching down to their knees and risking complete undress.
The picture above is not Photoshopped. I ask you, how do they walk? How do they keep them up? But the big question is why? I know I sound like an old lady but I ask you, what is that???

Well, who knows? Sometimes it takes a while to get into fashion trends. Maybe one day you'll see me walking around with my pants hanging down my butt.
Isn't that just the funniest image ever?

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kykdave said...

I'm not sure if
"funniest image ever" is quite the phrase I would use! UNLESS you had some really nifty boxers on.